Product Description

This Bunga Pro Knee Brace with Multi-position hinge is designed with Cool Tech material. The hinge itself has extension stops at 0°, 15°, 30­° and 45°. This brace comes in 5 different options.

This Bunga Pro Knee Brace™ is the 17" version of the Pro Knee Brace but made from Bunga Cool Tech materical. Bunga Cool Tech material for those who have to wear their supports for a long period of time, or that have heat or allergy issues with neoprene.

It is longer and thus adds more support. It is designed using 3/16" latex-free neoprene with nylon on both sides. The brace is designed to be opened up and Velcroed around the leg. This features also ease of application and avoids the difficulty associated with pulling on a brace. It is ideal for all ages.

The brace comes with a polycentric, high tech hinge with easy to set flexion and extension stops. These extension stops allow for full range of motion control. The hinge arms themselves are made from aircraft aluminum. 

There is a large and comfortable popliteal area (Opening behind knee) for comfort and flexibility. An elastic, adjustable strap has been added to the back of the brace to prevent a tourniquet effect in the popliteal area.  This brace has four (4) total adjustable Velcro brand 2" "loop and lock" straps are included. Two (2) are located immediately above and two (2) immediately below the patella opening for additional support. The straps have an easy-opening tabs and finger loops. There is a patellar opening which helps with positioning the brace and for comfort to the user.

The Bunga Metatarsal Gel Strap (uncovered) has a 1/4" gel cushion with exposed gel on the inner lining. This gel provides extra moisuturization. Reduce pain caused by pressure, shock, and vibration. Sold in pair.
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Bunga Ultra Healwedge is a soft silicone that cushions your heels, knees and back from impact. Can also be used as a lift. This wedge is covered with a microbial top cover. 

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Bunga Spur Healwedge™ is designed to pad heel spurs and reduce pain. This wedge is covered with a microbial top cover. 

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The Bunga Magnetic Healcup™ is made for those individuals who wish to have the benefit of a rare earth magnetic and at the same time reduce the shock and vibration to their feet.

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